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A veteran and woman owned brewery, Northern Pine Brewing Co is a little taste of the great Northwest here in Southern California and we are so excited to share it with everyone. Inspired by the mountains. Made for San Diego.

Like many other craft beer fans and home brewers, opening a brewery has been a long time dream for co-founders Aaron Ortega, Anne Ortega and Robert Parsons. After meeting in 2008, their shared passion for craft beer was discovered, and then Aaron and Bobby started brewing together. Recipes were perfected and bigger systems were purchased over the years. Popularity grew and word got around about their beer. The requests for their beer started to reach beyond just family and friends and soon requests from brides and grooms, fund raising events, and private events began to pour in. The “problem” of having too much beer on hand from wanting to brew so often soon turned into managing brew schedules and starting a waiting list for their beer.

At the end of 2012 Aaron, Anne, and Bobby, along with their good friend Levi Schaljo, collaborated with Mother Earth Brew Co. to brew a special batch of beer for seven fallen Marines. The beer was named Homage. Thanks to Mother Earth Brew Co. they were able to brew 310 gallons of Homage. With help from many volunteers, over 450 – 22oz. bottles were bottled, labeled by hand, and distributed to the squadron and families of the fallen. The remainder of the beer was sold at a private event at Mother Earth Brew Co. and the proceeds went to the squadron to help pay for funeral costs and also towards purchasing shadow boxes for the families to display their loved one’s medals. It was then that inspiration to brew for others took over and the trio began to develop a plan to take their operation to the next level and brew professionally. Aaron, Anne and Bobby began planning to build a brewery and a business. Anne began working at Mother Earth Brew Co. to gain experience in the operations of a taproom and the operational side of a brewery.  

When the team decided to start building a brewery of their own, they knew they wanted to give back through their beer, but they also wanted their beer and their brewery to represent them. It was quickly decided that the brewery had to be focused around the outdoors. Aaron and Anne grew up in the Northwest and Bobby grew up in upstate New York, and all are avid outdoorsmen. They wanted to bring what they love most about their upbringings to Southern California and that is what inspired the name and the concept of Northern Pine Brewing. “There are so many elements from home that people would love and appreciate here in Oceanside, and we are excited to bring those to people through Northern Pine Brewing” – Aaron Ortega.

Everyday, we’re driven by our core values: delivering quality flavors, honoring our customers and celebrating the culture of beer. Experience it for yourself by joining us for a brewery tour, a special event or just to try what’s on tap.

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